Kempenkoor is a large regional mixed choir consisting of ambitious chorists, which in recent years has become one of the better amateur choirs in the South of the Netherlands.

Kempenkoor’s repertoire ranges from the Baroque period till the present. Together with professional orchestras and soloists it brings full evening programmes to the larger musical stages. One of the choir’s goals is to stress the importance of art and music, especially in this age of materialism.

Kempenkoor initiated the tradition of performing St. Matthew’s Passion in Oirschot. The choir was founded in 1949 and has since achieved an impressive track record. It contributes to artistic projects of composers, orchestras and programme developers. Artistic leader Cees Wouters has led the choir for 25 years together with rehearsing coach/accompanist Ad Broeksteeg.

Kempenkoor is a choir …

  • with a challenging repertoire
  • where people work hard and quality comes first
  • with ample time for conviviality and good contacts
  • which professional orchestras and soloists enjoy working with

Kempenkoor consists of a core of 75 well-trained singers. They are passionate to bring across notes and essence of a musical piece to the audience with true feeling. Over the years the choir has developed into one of the better amateur choirs in the South of the Netherlands. Quality and reputation are at a high level and are continuously being worked on. With passion!

Kempenkoor rehearses on Monday evenings in Dorpshuis (community centre) D’n Bond at the Rapportstraat in Veldhoven.

Rehearsal times are from 7:45 PM until 10:30 PM, including 15 minutes choral education or voice training.

Before beginning to study a musical piece its background is explained. The preparation is done in part learning sessions (often in parallel for soprano/alto and tenor/bass) by conductor Cees Wouters and rehearsal coach/accompanist Ad Broeksteeg. The final months before a concert are dedicated mostly to the interpretation and applying the overall finishing touches. Extra rehearsal days or evenings are held a number of times per year when the need arises.

Are you interested to join Kempenkoor? We warmly invite you to make an appointment via the choir’s secretariat.

    Do you have singing experience? If so, what repertoire are you familiar with?